Stand Out!

Don’t let people intimidate you or judge you enough to scare you from expressing or doing the things you want to, or just to say out loud! As long as you are well intended, being generous as opposed to manipulative or selfish, you should be able to have the freedom to be YOU, even if it’s not considered as “normal” by society, or even your family, and close friends! Often times it is the people we are closest to, the ones we truly care about their opinions of us, that are the most critical, or aggressive about sharing their opinion about what you are doing.. How you act, what you wear, believe, think, do for a living or generally your behavior all around. It’s OK to set boundaries.. Tell people if they are being too harsh with you.. Don’t let them push you around or take advantage if you, even if their reasoning for it seems sound. It’s OK to say No sometimes… Even to our loved ones, and strangers. As long as you are not hurting anybody, being destructive or intruding on someone else’s personal space or ground. Be YOU! Do you.. Express yourself and be confident about it. Everyone has something special and unique to offer the world, and as long as you are no longer under the care of guardian or locked up in an institution, you should be able to have the freedom to be an individual. You deserve respect, and compassion from others, and have to love and value yourself as well. Sometimes even when we ARE free to do the things we want, people can manipulate us, sway our attitudes and decisions, a way of subtly trying to control us, or throw a wet blanket on our flames. Doubting or naysaying our ambitions and dreams even just vocally, using their words alone, people can passive aggressively throw a wet blanket on our flames. Negative people especially when they are suffering, will try desperately “rain on our parade” misery loves company, and logical explanations or suggestions for us that may seem like sound advice, sometimes lack the compassion, or the true appreciation for what may really be going in inside of our hearts and out minds. Each if us are unique individuals.. And that is not a bad thing! Life on earth thrives because of biodiversity. Some people are simply afraid of what they aren’t comfortably familiar with, lack education and specific knowledge or understanding if what something is truly about. Don’t fall into that pit of negatively.. It’s a downward spiral into the bottom of a hole that can be extremely difficult once you are lost in it, to come back out. Your state of mind begins to harden and ground itself in habit and reputation. Make sure whatever it is that you are doing or thinking, has been filtered through a mindset or emotion of compassion and consideration for others, as well as love for yourself! Only You can truly know what is best for you! There is no one way, or absolute truth when it comes to your path in life or finding its meaning, as long as it is balanced in moderation and is positive, filled with love and consideration beforehand, things have a way of always working out!


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